Die Heimsuchung (2021) (en)

Die Heimsuchung 2021

Die Heimsuchung Download - Ben wakes up from an artificial coma after a failed mission. The personal protector has to deal with the fact that he could not prevent the death of a little girl. In order to recover, the BKA officer takes a break from the police service and drives to the Baltic Sea with his girlfriend Marion. He spent happy days there as a child. The first visit to his parents in years is at the same time the return to the place of painful memories, because back then his best friend Timmi was killed in a mysterious accident. To his astonishment, he now learns that Timmi, now an adult, is alive and lying in a hospital as a coma patient. Together with Marion, a doctor who specializes in this diseases, Ben wants to reach Timmi with the help of MRI technology. Perhaps the trauma can be resolved if the cause can be brought to light. Unlike Ben, however, neither Timmi's father nor the village cop Nolting seem interested in it. A web of guilt, lies and deception has to be unraveled to clue to the puzzle.
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