Dragnet of the Law (1967) (en)

Dragnet of the Law 1967

Dragnet of the Law Download - Expert of lithographic plates and counterfeit banknotes Lee Lik-hang is hunted down by the hitman Ma Biu on the orders of the gang leader Chan Lung. Cheng Wai-lun, witness to the crime and the unwitting custodian of the plate, finds himself wanted both by the police and the criminals. Seeking to unweave the web of intrigue is Kong Yin, cousin of Cheng's fiancée Cheung Mei-ling and the famed 'Lady Bond' who poses as the gambler Judy and doubles as a singer at Chan's nightclub. Kong identifies the boss as the culprit but is forced to flee following a failed attempt to obtain the needed evidence. Both Ma and detective Chow To reach Cheng who chooses police detention over abduction by the gang. Cheng evades Chan's underlings and hands the hitmen over to the authorities. Cheung's abduction results in a fierce battle when Chow and his squad arrive at the criminal den, arresting the gang leader and retrieving the lithographic plate.
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