An Adventurous Adoption (1912) (en)

An Adventurous Adoption 1912
  • Original title: Bébé adopte un petit frère
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  • Release date 1912-08-02 (1912)

An Adventurous Adoption Download - Our young friend Jimmie forms a sudden attachment for a little waif in the streets whom he finds playing an accordion for alms. The little urchin late that night rises from his pallet and goes to serenade his new friend. Jimmie makes a rope of the bed-clothes up which clambers the ragged Archie. Disregarding the formalities of undressing Jimmie puts Archie in his own immaculate bed, dirty shoes and all, while he himself sleeps upon the mat like a faithful Towser. In the morning Jimmie hides Archie in a closet until he should have returned from school. In the evening when he arrives, the key to the closet is missing. There is an interchange of notes and Archie directs Jimmie to go to his nefarious companions who have the somewhat sinister occupation of second story men and tell them of Archie's imprisonment.
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